Questions about sweter directions

I am going to knit my oldest son a sweater for Christmas and he choose the Mens Cabled Crew neck from the Vogue website. The pattern is a pdf file to download. The download went perfectly and I printed off a copy to use for reference while I knit. My question is where is the chart 3 it talks about in the directions for setting up the pattern. There are only 2 charts in the pdf file along with the schematic drawings of the Front and Back and the sleeve.

It looks like the Chart 3 they refer to is a repeat of Chart 1, since the same pattern is on each side of the center Chart 2 pattern.

Now that I understand the directions I need to downsize the pattern to XSmall size . By decucting the number of stitiches between the larger sizes down to the Small size I get a repeat stitch number of 8 sitches between sizes. If I decuct the 8 sitiches for the small size will I deduct the stitch for the reducing steps for the neck and armhole?I understand that I would reduce the number of pattern repeats. I just want this sweater to fit him since everything he buys is too big on him. His shoulder to shoulder measurement is only 18 inches. He has a nedk size of 14 ,and a sleeve length of 21 inches. He is a very petit young man . He has osteoporarsis in his back bone due to his kidney disease.

I think that your best bet when you get to the decreases is to measure. You can go with a percentage of decreases like you did with the 8-stitch reduction per size, but you don’t want to make the neck hole too small for his head.

Ok Ingrid,
now I have a question about the charts. Charts 1 and 2 both have the first row starting with Row Number 1 on the right hand side of the chart and all even numbered rows on the left hand side. When I start the charts , Row 1 is started on the right side of the knitting , is that correct? Row 2 would be on the reverse side of the knitting if I am understanding the chart correctly. All uneven numbered rows would be on the right side of the knitting and all eeven numbered rows would be on the wrong side, Right?
Thank you for your help in getting this so I can understand it. It is my first time working from a chart.

Yes–Odd rows would be the right side and read right to left; even rows are the wrong side and are read left to right.

An update on the sweater. I have completed the main chart and the small chart almost 4 times now. It looks pretty good for my first time knitting from a chart instead of written directions.

I have attached anew ball of yarn. My question now is how do I weave in the ends on the stockinet side? This sweater uses the purl 3 k1 as the right side of the fabric. I know how to weave the ends in on a purled backside but have never done it on a stockinet side. Any pointers?