Questions about short row shaping

I am making the Top Down Bonnet (plain) and finally got the top done right thanks to your help.

Now I’m wondering about the shaping at the back. I did the pattern as it says, but I’m not thrilled with it although maybe it’ll look better when it’s done. :shrug: I’m wondering though about doing the shaping with short rows… Do you think it’s possible? I’ve only done them on socks and I know they are done on shoulders and bust-lines for shaping, but never having done them… :scratchinghead:… On socks you have to go all the way till you end up on either end of the original heel flap. Can you just throw in a little short rowing without having an ending point? Do you just do it till the shaping is what you want then quit? :scratchinghead:

I used short-row shaping on the Emma Jacket, and it was in the middle of the jacket’s back. I’ll bet you can do the same thing with the hat. I had to do x number of rows for the shaping, but really that was just because the pattern said so. I’m sure doing the short rows until you’re happy with what you have will work just fine.

Ahh that’s good! Thanks, Angelia! I’ll give it a try on the next hat. :wink: