Questions about raw angora goat hair

I know someone who has angora goats and he had a ton of fleece. I asked him what he does with it and he offered me a big bag of it when I told him I knit. I thought I would try and find someone to prepare it and spin it for me, but now I have been thinking I would like to try cleaning it myself.

I searched on here and read some things about bag cleaning, but am not sure what the bag is for.

Plus, the combs, what kind, and where do I get them?

Also, what is best- soak first and then wash?

I am not looking into this yet as a permanent hobby, so don’t want to plunk a lot of money down on cleaning the stuff.

Would love some suggestions. I am sure it is very dirty animal hair.:aww:

Mohair (the fiber from the angora goat) is one fiber that I haven’t personally processed from raw to yarn, so I went looking on the internet for you.
This link gives you a lot of information about mohair, including how to process it.

Thanks for the link. That is a great site.

Thank you so much.

I was thinking I might even want to dye it. Next thing you know I’ll be looking up the prices for spinning wheels on the internet.

Never thought I would go there with this knitting hobby.

Just watch out … soon you’ll be wanting looms and felting equipment …