Questions about my new Options

Hope you all can help me with what I’m sure might sound like pretty silly questions. I just received my brand new set of Options needles yesterday. The set is supposed to come with two 24" cables and two 32" cables. I got four cables, but they are WAY shorter than those lengths. When I attached the needles on each end, they came to the right overall length (needle+cable+needle=24"), but is that the way it’s supposed to be with circular needles? My knitting instructor is going to teach me how to knit socks (I have “graduated” from the basics after just two lessons!), starting with a worsted weight wool and size 8’s. I guess this is going to be a bulkier sock for starters. She wants to teach me the Magic Loop method and said I’d need a 32" cable. I hope what I have is ok.

Second question: I know many people say they knit their traditional flat knitting on circs. Do you use 2 cables unattached with the caps at each the free end, or do you just knit back and forth with the cable attached to both needles?

BTW, I placed a second KP order a day or two later for some size 10.5 Harmony (wood) needles and some yarn. They should arrive in the next day or so, and then I’ll be able to compare the two types. I can’t wait!!!

:thumbsup: Yep! On circulars, the length is measured from needle tip to needle tip.

Enjoy your new Options!:woot:

When I am knitting flat I use my circular needles. I just turn them at the end of each row. The circular needles take the weight off yur wrists.

Thanks ladies!

OK, so I want to try knitting the Feathers And Fans Comfort Shawl. But, if I keep the circular needles attached, how will all that width fit in there? Maybe I’m just over thinking this!

it will scrunch up, not to worry. I’ve known people to knit afghans on size 17 32".

The nice thing about using circular needles is that you can fit about 2-3 times their with on them. So if the cables on the 32" are actually 24" long, you could fit about 70" worth of stitches on them.

yup…we knit baby blankets on 24’ circ’s and they (the blankets) end up being 3-4 feet wide. it scrunches and fits!
i pretty much only use circulars