Questions about making stitches more even

I’ve been knitting a for a few years now, and I’m actually pretty good at it. However, I’ve noticed that even though I generally knit rather tight stitches, they can be a bit loose and odd looking, especially on the edges when I’m working on a garter stitch piece, or stockinette (on the last purl stitch in a row). Is there a way to fix this without making it obvious? Especially when I’m working on something as fine as mohair? I’d like to make the edges more even without having to block it first (or hiding it when sewing a sweater!).
Thanks so much!

It usually just takes practice. And there’s no need to knit tight unless that’s your natural tension, washing or blocking generally evens up the sts.
The last stitch being loose is a bit of a problem. Some people suggest you always knit them or ktbl and slip the first stitch. This never works for me, the edge sts are looser and messier than just working them regular. I have found that by knitting/purling the first stitch, then giving the yarn an extra pull, it takes up the slack in the last stitch below it.

Like Sue says, practice really helps. But you might try holding your yarn in a different way to alter the tension on the yarn. That might enable you to knit more evenly. You might also try needles made out of a different material, because it might change the way the stitches come off the needle as you knit

Also, if you are using natural fibers (plant or animal) blocking can help even up your stitches. Fiber type can have another effect too. Less “springy fibers” such as cotton show unevenness more than more springy ones, like wool.

If you are truly unhappy, keep practicing, and in the mean time you could make some felted bags until your are happier with the way it looks.

And keep in mind that just about everyone has a smidgen of unevenness in their knitting depending on the factors I mentioned above.

It seems to me that knitting tightly would tend to exagerate the unevenness in your stitches. If you could relax and loosen your knitting a bit they may look more uniform. I’ve been knitting for many years and usually have to go down 2-3 needle sizes to get gauge and I have become pleased with the evenness of my stitches.