Questions about Knifty Knitter

Just some questions I HOPE!!! someone can answer

[li]Can it make scarves well?
[/li][li]Is it hard to make scarves?
[/li][li]How long is a adult legth scarf?
[/li][li]How much yarn does it take to make a Adult scarf (like average)
[/li][li]How much yarn should I buy to make single color scarfs? (11 scarves total)
[/li][li]Is knitting fun (I havent done it since I was a kid)

I hope someone can answer my question.

Hi. What’s a Knifty Knitter?
I can tell you that if I make a long scarf, I would usually make it about as long as the person it is for is tall, unless I run out of yarn or have just a little left and go ahead and use it up. Patterns should give measurements and how much yarn to purchase. I think knitting is fun. Seeing those stitches on the needle, watching the ball of yarn turn into something I’ve made still amazes me.

There are different shapes of the knifty knitter looms. The smaller round o es make smaller round tubes, larger round one can make adult hats, the rectangular narrow one can do scarves. Seems to me it if you’re going to knit this way a variety would be useful. Kind of like regular knitters having multiple needle sizes.

How much yarn is dependent on how long you want or how big, and what weight yarn you’re using. If you go to google and type in “knifty knitter patterns” you’ll see a bunch. Plus there are some looms at multiple sites. Here’s one-

Well going back on the 1 issue with the knifty knitter i saw a women (old video so i doubt i can contact her) she did a scarf with a circular knifty knitter

so should i do a circular one or a rectangle 1
(i think scarves are easier then hats in fact I think hats would be impossible to do)

You can do a scarf on the round one, but the only way I’d know how would be one that is a tube so it would be double thickness. Now that i think about it maybe the long ones also knit that way… I don’t have a loom though so I can’t be sure. I know that a few people here have knit with them so hopefully they will get back to you.

Hats wouldn’t be impossible if you get the right size, which I’m sure you can achieve by putting on the correct number of sts. That’s what you’d do for hand knitting anyway. I think you can even decrease for the top shaping with them too.