Questions about Kitchener Stitch

I have a couple of questions about the outcome. I have watched Amy’s video and I know how to do it, I was just wondering about the finished piece.

I am going to be joining 2 pieces that are different colors (A and B), using B as the yarn for the Kitchener join. Will it look like there was a nice, neat color change in between the 2 pieces? (I’m hoping)

Also, will the Kitchener join cause an “extra row” between the pieces? If so, then I need to adjust the pattern to account for that extra row so I end up with the correct # of rows in the end.

Thanks and Happy Holidays

It should look like a neat join, even with two colours being used. Whichever colour yarn you use to do the kitchener stitching will show as basically an extra row of that colour. I don’t think it would warrant changing the number of rows that your pattern asks for though, one row over the course of an entire project will not make much difference at all.

I say that because I am doing a color block pattern on an afghan, and in order for it all to line up correctly, it needs to be consistent across. There will be 2 sts and 3 rows of outline between each color block. So does that mean that I need to make the outline only 2 rows, in order to come out with 3 rows once it is joined?

I’ve been practicing, and when I have 3 rows of the outline color and stitch with that color, 3 rows remains - no increase to 4- so, I am sticking with the 3 rows.