Question's about clogs and felting

I just finished knitting the fiber trends clogs. I haven’t felted them yet because I wanted to get some conformation from you KHer’s first! So I have a couple of questions:

  1. For some reason one clog is bigger than the other… maybe I knitted it too loose? Will that be a problem that I cannot fix by felting the larger one longer?

  2. I will use a zippered pillow case to felt them… should I felt them in seperate pillow cases? ( I havent felted pairs before)

Thanks so much for all your help, I wouldn’t be any good at knitting if it wasn’t for you all!! :muah:

I’d separate them if possible but you can just check them every few minutes so not really necessary.

Yes, the bigger one will just need a little more felting.
Wonderful thing about felting…it’s forgiving to a certain point.

Here is the picture of them!! Leave it up to me to use the exact same pattern on both and come up with different sizes :teehee:

Cute! Can’t wait to see them felted!!!

Thanks :slight_smile: I just hope the size wont make a difference once they are felted…