Questions about Booga Bag pattern

I’m trying to knit the Booga Bag and have a couple of questions:

  1. I used the long-tail cast on method and I have heard that if you use this method then you already have your first knit row. Is this true for everything or do I still need to knit 34 rows like the pattern says?

  2. The pattern says:

  • Pick up and knit twisted 16 stitches along first edge of rectangle. There are 17 ridges, so you just pick up one stitch between each ridge.
  • Pick up and knit 34 stitches along the bottom of your rectangle.
  • Pick up 16 stitches along last edge as you did for the first edge.

I know that “knit twisted” is to knit through the back loop(at least I think I do :shrug: ) but how do I pick up stiches and knit them at the same time?
and when I pick up stiches at the bottom do they have to be knit twisted also? Its probably not hard at all and I’m making it seem hard. Thanks in advance for your help!

Just finished this project.

First of all, you can decide on the cast on whether or not to go ahead and count it as one knit row. I don’t think I counted it.

Second, everything I read at KH said not to worry about the twisted knit thing. Just pick up the stitches and knit them regular. Do you know how to pick up the stitches?

Really, that’s all there is to it!

I’ve knit socks before and had to pick up stiches that way so if its like that then I can do it!

Thank You sooooo much for such a quick reply and for the future help! :notworthy:

You’re welcome. Enjoy the project. It was fun!

when i make boogas, i don’t keep track of how many rows i’ve knitted. I just count ridges until there are the number the pattern calls for.