[COLOR=red]Hi friends,[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#ff0000]i was wondering if someone could help me? i just got two skeins of Homespun yarn with a size 6 wooden knitting needles from a friend that didn’t want them anymore.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#ff0000]could anyone give any suggestions on helping me just make a poncho or small blanket with just these two skeins. it is a bluky yarn, 6 ozs. each, 170 gms each, 185 yards each. I would like to use these wooden size 6 needles. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#ff0000]i don’t know how to know how much yarn i need to cast on? just don’t want to guess and end up too narrow or too long…[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#ff0000]it is a pretty pink, and granddaughter is only 7. just something to do with this yarn.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#ff0000]thanks, so much friends,[/COLOR]

Lion Brand Homespun? Size 6 needles are much to small for bulky yarn. The yarn itself actually recommends a 10. Knitting with a 6 would actually make a very dense fabric and be rather hard to do.

Yes, those are too small, your fabric will be very dense and stiff. Homespun can be difficult to knit with, a size 11/8mm would make it a lot easier. You can figure out how many to cast on by knitting a sample of about 16 or 20 sts and see how many sts per inch that makes. Then multiply the sts per inch times the width you want, probably about 36" or so. The Lion website has a lot of patterns for the yarn, including baby blankerts which if you use the bigger needles, should come out about right for your GD. There should be some poncho patterns too.

Yes, you need 11s at least, and I usually use 13s with Homespun.
My favorite thing to make with a limited amount of it is a dishcloth shawl. If you cast on a stitch, turn, (k, yo, k), turn, k, yo, k to end) and keep going until you run out of yarn, you get a thick cuddly triangle shawl. If you want to purl every other row so it comes out as stockinette, then work just the last few rows in garter, that works too. You’ll find a row of eyelets along the edges for fringe holders (some people don’t like the way Homespun fringe goes to individual fibers, so YMMV there.) Homespun has all those bumps and color shadings and fancy stitch patterns don’t do much anyway.

I LOVE using Homespun. It’s soft, cuddly, and has beautiful colors. I definitely would not recommend using wood needles though. It already catches enough by itself, and wood might make it that more challenging especially if the needles aren’t high quality wood. I also agree with the previous poster, a pattern with a few basic stitches would be best b/c Homespun won’t really showcase any fancy work. Good luck, I hope you start/finish your project.

Depends on the needles. My bamboo needles got pretty smooth after using them quite a bit and while yarn still grips it okay, they’re not sticky.