I’m sure this is a really silly question, but I’m really new to knitting! I was just wondering, the differences between needles, what are the proper names of each needle…I know double pointed needles are that, but what are the needles that are attached with wire, or tubing? Are they the cirular needles? Or is that something else? The pattern for a bag I plan on making calls for Size 4 circular -2 pair 29". It also calls for a set of dpn’s which I’m okay with, as well as size 5 or larger, which I assume are the regular straight needles? I really have no idea…I think now I’m more confused that when I started writing this post! :shock:

Yep, the needles with the wire in the middle are called circular. So the size 4 refers to the circumfrance (spelling :oops:) of the needle while the 29" refers to the length from tip to tip. If the pattern doesn’t specify what kind of size 5’s, regular straights are okay. You can use the cast on st amount to judge whether you need 10" straights or 14" straights. But you can also use circulars in place of straights too; just don’t connect the sts to form a circle. Instead, simply turn your as you would with straights and just work back & forth. I’ve recently started working with circulars almost exclusively b/c they are easier to travel with.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Okay, don’t panic. Circular needles have two size measurements- one the size of the needles, in your case size 4 and the cable that connects the two needles has a length measurement, in your case 29". The needle package should give both measurements. If you have needles listed in a certain size, but there is no other indication, such as dpn, then yes they are understood to be straight size 5 needles. Hint: I’ve never met a yarn shop owner who wasn’t willing to give advice or lead you by the hand, they really want you to learn to knit so that you can be their customer. So I never feel uncomfortable asking questions. Did I read that you are in Sweden? Ask around to see if there is a friend of a friend who could teach you to knit. That’s how I learned. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, that was really helpful. It doesn’t seem as scary now. I actually learned to knit while over here to pass the long cold winter months… :stuck_out_tongue: Although my mom tried in vein to teach me a few years ago. And the whole asking a shop owner is kinda scary as well, considering I can’t tell what half these things are in English, let alone Swedish!

I also had another question, if circulars are the ones with the tubing or whatever, I also heard, small little bamboo needles with no conectors also being circulars…any idea what those would be?

Welcome KittyKat!

I also heard, small little bamboo needles with no conectors also being circulars…any idea what those would be?

Hmmm, maybe they were referring to interchangeable circular needles? When they’re not assembled, the needles look kind of like extra short DPN’s, but one end has threads or some other fastener to attach a cable to (cables of different lengths are included in the set). When assembled, they look and act just like normal cable needles. But you have the advantage of a selection of needle sizes and cable lengths which you can interchange.


Or maybe you heard double point for circular knitting??? :?

Just a thought :wink:

I have no idea…I think I’m just trying to make things much more difficult than they have to be. I’m always doing that! :slight_smile:

You and me both! :roll: It’s okay, that’s what fellow knitters on message boards are for … to snap us out of our difficult ways … :lol:

Another question, just cause you are all so helpfull! :smiley: How do you knit on the wrong side? Another pattern I’m starting says to start out on the ws and knit 2 purl 2 etc… how do you start out on the wrong side?

It’s just the side of your work that would be facing inward. For example, if you are knitting in stockinette stitch, it is the purlside. It’s basically the side you’re on during the second row of your pattern. Does this make sense?

It sounds like in this case they’re telling you that the first row is going to be the wrong side, instead of the right side, which is more common for the first row. So there’s no special instructions, they’re just telling you which side is which.