So I started REALLY knitting not too long ago ago and I learned by making a blanket. I messed up in a few spots but I’m really proud of my blanket. Now I’m coming upon my blanket donation time and I’m wondering… should I donate it… I don’t want to donate it because I think it looks horrible, but it’s so soft and I think if I received it after my daughter passed away I would have loved it. My friend is pressing me to donate it. So I’m going to attach a photo and ask ‘Is it good enough quality to donate?’

The only people who would notice any defects are other knitters, and they would understand.

What’s important is the caring that went into every stitch.:heart:

Thank you!! it really is a super soft blanket.

I think its fantastic that you are willing to donate your projects. I’m sure that someone without warmth would greatly appreciate it, regardless of some very minor flaws.

I make and donate hats to our local cancer center. The giving of yourself and your time is more important than how perfect your work is.

I’m a knitter, and I think it’s beautiful! (You could donate it to me anytime!) It’s a gift of love, and that’s what matters most!

And I couldn’t see anything ‘wrong’ with it at all. The errors must be very tiny!

Thank you all so much!! I’ve decided to donate it :slight_smile: I’ve added it to my slowly growing pile! I will post photos once I gather all the blankets to donate (I have 4 donations coming in from Ravelry and some lovely ladies there)

I say donate it, too! :thumbsup:

I think it looks beautiful and anyone who gets it would be lucky. I say, donate it! :slight_smile:

I think the blanket looks great and that the person who receives it will be very lucky to have suich a thoughtful gift.

Definitely donate, it’s a beautiful blanket and I’m sure whoever receives it will love it!

I’m with the rest of them. Donate! It’s beautiful. You’re probably the only one who actually notices the flaws…I surely don’t see any.