I would like to make a checkerboard afghan using 2 colors of yarn. Is there a way to knit it up so that it would be a one piece afghan. I am really bad at seaming. I am so confusing myself. Ok, say that I wanted each color to be 30 sts wide, could I cast on 30 sts with the first color, then 30 sts with the next color, and the final 30 sts with the last color, then how would I knit them so that there wouldn’t be a need to seam them. I know this is confusing. Any help would be appreciated.

You’d need to knit intarsia-style. Nothing complicated, but when you switch from one color to the other, you have to make sure that the yarns get twisted to prevent a hole. Just make sure to hold the yarn you’re stopping over to the left on top of the hanging yarn that you’re about to use as you pick up the hanging one. Then you can switch colors.

You’ll have a separate ball of yarn hanging from the back for each color block.