I knit a top-down children’s sweater with a square neckline. The child it has been given to is slight and the neckline doesn’t stay on her shoulders. Besides running a ribbon through the neck stitches to tighten the neckline, how else could I fix this problem? Thanks.

I’ve seen a tutorial on a method of tightening a rib (eg 1 by 1 rib) neck band by running a line of crochet slip stitches along the bottom of the band. It would need to be tried out with a few different sized crochet hooks to see which size works best to achieve the size you want - not so tight it puckers the fabric or cannot stretch over the head but not so loose as to have no effect. It does depend on the amount you need to tighten too. I have tried this with a sweater for my own son and it worked well.the crochet is worked from the inside if the band working into each WS knit stitch and the purl columns are skipped - producing a well disguised single yarn line on the RS which appears on the purl bump.

Another option would be to remove the neck band, pickup stitches from where the neck band starts with a smaller needle which makes the neck tighter, and reknitting the band bottom up with either the original size or smaller needle. Picking up with a smaller needle alone will tighten up the band so the rib may well be fine in the original size so it matches the cuffs and waist if they are ribbed.

I’m sure others will also have some good advice.

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What is the name and designer of your pattern?

I have no idea, sorry. I knit the sweater years ago.

Thank you, this sounds very promising. I don’t know that I could do it but I know someone who can :slight_smile:

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