I am having a really tough time with the stockinette stitch, I have no problem when I knit in the round however once I bind off half to start the other side of the wallet, it is leaving a large loop on either side, what am I doing wrong, they are being felted so it will not matter in the end, however I know it is doing it and if I am ever going to knit sweaters and such I really want to learn to knit it right, or straighter,
Thank you
and Happy Knitting… :XX:

It’s probably because purl stitches are tighter than knit stitches, so you’ll have a little extra at the end of the row. If you pull the first stitch of each row extra tight, it usually helps. I do this by working the first stitch, then inserting my needle into the second stitch, and then giving the yarn a good tug, which seems to tighten things up quite nicely. :slight_smile: