I am new to knitting and I can’t seem to get my stockinette stitch to look right. Both my knit and purl garter stitches seem ok so I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong any guesses?20200701_092254|900x1200

Hi there! Knitting is a great way to create something beautiful! All I see is garter stitch on your swatch. Stockinette is knit one row, purl the next, knit one row purl the next, and so on. I hope that was what you were asking! Happy knitting


That’s exactly the problem. I am knitting one row and purling the next but my swatch still comes out looking like garter stitch. The top picture is a garter stitch swatch and the bottom two are both sides of the stockinette swatch.

I like how your sts are nice and even! Now we just have to get them turning out correctly!

We’re going to start over completely. Cast on 10 sts. Knit every st in this row. Now you will purl every st in the next row. This will get you back to where u started. Knit the first stitch. Place a stitch marker on the right hand needle. Then knit every st in the rest of this row. The marker will remind you which row to knit the sts. When u get to the beginning of this row and see the marker, you will think “OK this is the row I’m supposed to knit all the stitches”.

If you look carefully at your sts they should all look the same. When you are going to start the knit st row, all the sts will look like VVVVVVV before you knit them. When u get to the beginning of the purl st row they look like nnnnnnn
Bumps for the purl sts and Vs for the knit sts.

Hope this helps


You can also watch the beginning videos here on and see how you’re doing!!