Question working with two colors of yarn?

I am currently making a scraf that requires using to colors by carring the colors up the side. Its a striped pattern. I use main color on two rows and cc or color b for two rows until the pattern ends. Does any one know where any good videos showing the adding and carring the colors up the side of the scraf or project without ending it off. I did look at some written ones and it just confused me.



There are stitch patterns that are called “slip stitch patterns”
–and there are slip stitch patterns called “mosaic” (mosaic is a sub set of standard slip stitch patterns.

Many stitch ‘collections’ (dictionaries, treasuries, etc) have a few slip stitch pattern…

(there are books about MOSAIC knitting, but these are often books with Object patterns (hats, scarves, sweaters, poncho’s etc) that are worked in mosaic stitch patterns, and these book often only have a few actual stitch patterns!

slip stitch (and mosiac) patterns are often worked in 2 (or more colors)

Each row has 1 color/1 yarn used
the color/yarn changes ever, every other, every 3rd, every X rows…
and allows you to make complex looking patterns–that aren’t much more difficult than stripes…

ON my blog, i have directions for thetri color linen stitch.
(linen stitch is slip stitch that can be worked in a solid (single color, or in 2 colors, or in 3 colors --(actually it can be worked in any number of colors…but 1, 2, 3 color pattens predominate)

In general, you can carry yarn up the side for about 4 or 5 rows… so you have some options…

One other thought… if you knit (flat) on a circular needle, you can alternate the sides the yarn is being carried…

(knit 4 rows, (color A)
then drop color A and slide work to other end of the needle.
pick up color B and purl 4 rows
drop color b, slide work to other end of the needle and find color A (4 rows below) and resume knitting with color A

(color a is carred up the right side of the work, color b is carried up the left side… (this makes a more balanced edge to the knitting)

I am trying to learn the basic stripe pattern I work two rows with color A and work two rows with color B. I was wondering if there any videos out there showing this method.