Question with Travel Shawl 24/7

I am finally through graph A rows 1-28. Now I am starting the repeats, rows 17-28, 6 times (graph A). However, I have run into a problem. The number of stitches I have on my needles leaves me short for finishing the graph. What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to add in more in the middle of the graph to make it work? Simply repeating the graph between markers leaves me short, and going all the way around also leaves me short.

Please help. I was so excited to have finally made it this far after frogging it so many times.

Thank you!

Never mind. I was working off a black and white copy from my book so I could fit it into a smaller bag. I went and grabbed my book (after searching for errata and elsewhere on the internet for answers, doing math, counting stitches over and over) and silly me, there are the repeats within the graph outlined in red.

Sorry for bothering you all! Happy Holidays!

No bother and happy holidays to you too! I’m glad you solved your problem.