Question - Spiral rib hat

I am attempting to make a spiral rib hat. The tenth row ends with a knit stitch. The eleventh row begins with a SSK. Notes say to move the marker at the beginning of round back one stitch to accomodate SSK. I am not sure what this means and have tried what I think it means and it seems incorrect. Would really appreciate any assistance.

Do you have a marker to show the beginning of the round? What it sounds like they want you to do is to move it one stitch to the right. Then you’ll SSK what are now the first two stitches of the row.

BTW…what pattern is this? I made a lot of hats and never did decreases like this…

Before you work the last st on the previous round, slip the st, take the marker off, move the st back to the L needle, replace the marker and ssk. You now have a new beginning of round.

Thanks! It is a Knit Picks Spiral Rib Hat.