Question: Skein to ball? Tight knitter too

Howdy again, Nicole here, making headway on my sock and getting ready for my next project: dishcloths!

I bought a skein of linen yarn. I’m assuming it needs to be rolled into a ball before I start using it? Normally when I get yarn, it’s a center pull… so this is new for me.

Also, I’m an incredibly tight knitter to the point that it’s difficult to knit. I’m trying to loosen up, and start looser, but by the time I get to the end of the row I’m on, I’m tight again. Any suggestions? It doesn’t help that I’m using bamboo needles either! :knitting:

Thanks a bunch!!

Knitting loosely takes patience and practice. You may need to try another type of needle, too.

I’ve attached images of a skein and a hank. It sounds like you bought a hank then? They do need to be wound into balls. You can either use a ball winder or do it by hand. It’s easy to do and there is video here in KH.

Yes, you’re right… it was a hank… (learning terminology too!) thank you. I will work on loosening up…


Here’s a helpful article about loosening up if you knit too tight:


[COLOR=black]See if any of it sounds helpful.[/COLOR]

Good luck.