Question regarding yarn and steeking

i am about to start the deep v argyle vest from eunny jang. it says to use a sticky hair yarn for the steeking. it recommended mohair/wool. i have 50/50 alpaca/merino. will this work?

also do you work the steeking in a different color than the rest of the pattern? or use the same color and work within the pattern? i read through the directions but for some reason i am just not getting it. this will be my first steeking project so i am a little nervous about messing it up right at the steeking section.

As long as it is a “hairy” feltable (fulling) type animal fiber yarn it should work. If you are doing a more traditional steek you want the yarn(s) to grab onto each other to some degree; so that, your work does not unravel. HTH. If you are able to, please post pictures of your finished masterpiece.

PS. If I remember correctly you are using the same yarns you used to knit the item (sweater, vest, etc.)

Sticky, hairy yarn will work well when you don’t want to secure the steek by sewing or crocheting it. You can steek with any yarn.

You work the steeks with whatever color/colors you happen to be using in that row, alternating them. This keeps the steek tight, and allows you to carry the yarn across without any strands. If you only have one color, just knit with that.

Ok it says i will be reinforcing by crocheting so the yarn will work. that eases my mind. oh now that makes sense to continue in the same color. thanks so much!!