Question Regarding the Dragon Scale Scarf published by BadCat Designs

The pattern instructions states that I should repeat the shaded area on the chart across the row to the last four stitches, but the chart does not give me single stitch for the solid shaded area… On the chart in the shaded area, there are rows with varied yarn overs and slip 1, Knit 1, PSSO placement, but there are also blank shaded spaces only. I would appreciate help with interpreting this type of chart or this pattern in particular if anyone is familiar with it.


I don’t have this pattern but it looks like it should have a pattern repeat. Sometimes that’s indicated by a red line or a box but your pattern may use a shaded area. If so It should be a block of rows and stitches. Is it possible that the plain grey boxes are knit stitches on some rows? Would that be consistent with the chart key? Then on other rows there are yarn overs and k1, Psso etc?

Patterns often have greyed out individual squares to indicate “no stitch”. These are boxes that hold the shape of the chart but can be skipped over since there is in fact no stitch on the needles.