Question regarding pattern

Hello. I am an intermediate knitter. I am doing a pattern for a cardigan. I have a question.

The pattern is a double seed:

Row 1: k1p1 end with k1
Row 2: p1k1 end with p1
Row 3: p1k1 end with p1
Row 4: k1p1 end with k1

The first instructions say to do 42 rows. This means that I will finish with Row 2. Shaping the back says to k2tog at the beginning and end of each row and to repeat it every 12th row. My question is this: I will be beginning Row 3, which starts with a p1. Does this pattern want me to begin the pattern over with a k2tog by knitting it or keep in the pattern and purl the first 2 together? I did a knit, but I am not sure if this was the correct thing to do or if it may have messed up the whole pattern. Please help! This is the first article of clothing that I am knitting for myself and I know there are going to be mistakes.


I would stay in pattern, so p2tog when necessary.

If you do a k2tog over the first 2 sts, the 3rd st would be a p so that stays in pattern. If you do the dec on sts 2 and 3, do a p2tog and next st would be a k so that keeps the pattern. The edge st doesn’t matter so much as it would be in a seam and won’t show.