Question regarding pattern wording

I just recently picked up a kit for the Boye knitted slipper socks that are sold in Joanns, Michaels…and i’m sure other knitting stores. I started the pattern last night, and this being my first time knitting anything of the sock nature i am a little confused. I got through the ankle part and the beginning of heel and this is where I started to get lost. the pattern calls for 20 stitches to be knitted across and then the remaining 26 to be placed on a holder. got that, no problem. then the next sentence states to work the heel flap in stockinette stitch for 2 3/4 inches and the being off all the rest of the stitches so there is only one stitch left on the needle. it then says to pick up 9 stitches along the inside edge of heel flap and then knit two off the holder. I thought i did this correctly, but now looking at my work there is a somewhat big hold in it and the knitted cuff part is now twisted from the rest of my work. i don’t really want to have to start completely over again…did i do it completely wrong??? has anyone knit these before and can maybe help??? thank you!!!

Gusset and Instep
With RS facing, pu 9 (11, 11) sts along inside edge of heel flap—10 (12, 12) sts. K2 from holder, pm, work in rib pattern across 22 (24, 24) sts from holder, pm, k2 from holder, turn. CO 10 (12, 12) sts for opposite gusset—46 (52, 52) sts.

Shape gussets
Row 1 (WS) Sl 1, p to marker, work in established rib to next marker, p to end.
Row 2 (RS) Sl 1, k to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, rib to next marker; skp, k to end—44 (50, 50) sts.
Rep previous 2 rows 5 (7, 7) times more—34 (36, 36) sts. Rep Row 1 once more.
Row 1 (RS) Sl 1, (p1, k1) 2 times, p1, sl marker, skp, k to 2 sts before next marker, k2tog, (p1, k1) 3 times—32 (34, 34) sts.
Row 2 Rib to marker, p to next marker, rib to end.
Rep previous 2 rows 3 (3, 2) times more—26 (28, 30) sts.

Take a look at the video for turning the heel of a sock under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Adv. Techs.

It’s very similar to what you’re doing. Also, could you please edit you second post to remove most of the pattern. It’s best not to post a full pattern on the site, just the relevant part.

sorry for the whole pattern post…i edited to just show the part i’m confused on. so should i take all my work out to the point of the beginning rib before the heel shaping??? it isn’t right to have that hole is it??

Thanks for editing the post.
The big hole on the side after the first pu of 9sts doesn’t sound right. Don’t take out the heel flap, but go back to where you pu the 9sts. Make sure that you pu the sts evenly along the side of the heel so that they cover the length of the heel from the bound off edge of the heel to the ankle ribbing (even if you have to skip a row now and then along the side of the heel). You should be able to k2 from the holder almost seamlessly. What is sometimes done is to knit into the back of the first st on the holder so that it twists the st and tightens up any small hole.
You should be knitting the sts from the holder that are right next to the last st picked up from the side of the heel so the ankle sts won’t be twisted.
Give it a try from the bind off on the heel and the pu of 9sts.