Question regarding pattern wording

I am currently tackling working on a pattern from Red Heart making wrist warmers. The pattern calls for working on dpns, but i decided to make it on straight needles the same size. I have done the cast on and knit the first 14 rows as the pattern states, however I am now stuck. The next portion states “Turn and work opening back and forth in rows” and then gives the next 13 row instructions for the pattern. is the opening back and forth different or should i just follow the rows as stated??? help please and thank you!

Since you’re knitting flat instead of in the round it depends on where your beginning of round is which is probably the opposite side from where the pattern says you should begin knitting back and forth for the thumb opening. I think you should just knit the piece and ignore that part, then when you sew up the seam, leave an opening for the thumb.

so i should just knit the next 13 rows as normal then and disregard the opening for the thumb??? i’m debating on whether or not to just do it on the dpns. i haven’t really gotten the hang of them and the one project i started with them was almost over a year ago i haven’t finished. the red heart pattern is LW2557 - city gauntlets, which i should have quoted for people to look at and help.

Right just do 13 rows continuing in the pattern. You’ll just have the thumb opening the same side as your seam, which is okay, a lot of patterns do that. Unless you’re thinking to start over again in the round, it won’t do any good to switch to the dpns now.

ok got it! :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the help. even though i’ve passed on my knitting advice to others i feel there is still much i have yet to learn!!