Question regarding garter stitch

I have a pattern for a handbag that instructs me to begin the bag at the top with circular needles and work 10 rounds in garter stitch…

If this is true when using circular needles:

You need to make a join between the 1st stitch that you cast on and the last stitch that you cast on. After that, you just keep knitting around in a spiral. You never have to purl because the “knit side” is always facing out towards you and the “purl side” is always on the inside of the tube.

Then WHY is there a need to knit a round and purl a round to achieve the garter stitch when using circular needles? :??


Because when you knit on circs, you are actually working a stockinette stitch since you never actually turn your work to the WS… If you want stockinette stitch on singles, you have to knit the RS and purl the WS.

Thanks Aby…this should be lodged in my brain by now…another brain spasm :wink: