Question regarding DPN's

Right now it seems like all the items I want to make require DPN’s so I went to EBAY and found some bamboo ones that I want but the length is what is confusing me. I can get them in 5, 6 or 8 inch lengths (sizes 0-11 in 5, sizes 1-11 in 6 inch, and sizes 1-13 in 8 inch) and I do not know which set I should bid on. Which length would be better for me, the stuff I am wanting to make (kids hats, mittens, toddler pants and someday socks!) do not specify the length.

Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you so much!

The length isn’t that important. I don’t like the 8" ones too much - just too long for me. 6" is pretty good and I think you can do everything you want on them.

well i have 10", 7", and 4" DPNs. I find the 4" to be pretty useless except maybe as a cable needle (which i don’t use anyway.) The 10" are much too long for anything I have ever wanted to make.

Thanks for the responses. I went ahead and bid .99c on “13 size sets New bamboo knitting needles DP 8’’ 0-11”. This is my first time bidding on anything on Ebay. I hope I win this as I don’t think I would need to buy more DPN’s for a while. I have almost 2 days to wait… :pray:

I would vote for the 8", hope you win too…just keep checking your bid, and be sure you add in the shipping cost to the total you want to spend. If you have any questions pm me, my hubby is on ebay all the time.

Thanks for the offer, my max bid is 5.50 and with s & h it would be a total of $10.00 for 13 sets of DPN’s! I hope I get them!

wow that’s really cheap, I’ve seen them go for $30.+ I hope you get them too!

Darn it all! 2 people have also bid on them and the price is now up to $10.50. I was so hoping to be the only bidder on these. I think I am going to wait and see what happens now, I have a day and 2 1/2 hours left. I think I may bid some more if the price does not go too high.

I paid $35 total including shipping for my set of 7" bamboo dpns. 12 or 13 sets in all. Bought them from carol from this site. I say anything less than $20 is a steal on a set :heart: Good luck! I just got out mine and tried to cast on for a sock, stitches got twisted and i had to rip out. But I did look at the video here for the joining and I think I get it now, so if you run into problems after you get the dpn’s check this site :cheering:

YEAH! :cheering: :happydance:

I won the 13 sets of DPN’s on Ebay! Final price is $20 plus 4.50 s&h. It was more than I originally wanted to pay but I think if I were to go out and buy them they would cost me at least $75 and thats without tax! I will get sizes 0-11 and that should take care of me for a while as far as needles go. Now for the yarn I need…(shh, don’t tell hubby I am checking out the yarn at Ebay now! :teehee: )

20 bucks? sizes 0-11?

~checks it out herself~ :out: