Question re: Waterfall Socks designed by Wendy D. Johnson

I am knitting my first “toe up” socks and am using the pattern, Waterfall Socks designed by Wendy D. Johnson. If anyone has ever knit these socks or anyone else that can answer my questions, I would appreciate your help.

I completed the gusset without any problems but I am now trying to turn the heel and having problems.

At the end of each row (when turning the heel) it ends with W&T which I googled and the directions I got said to “On a knit row: slip the next stitch purlwise, bring the yarn to the front of the work, and replace the slipped stitch back onto the left needle without twisting it. Turn the work around to begin working back in the other direction.” Which I did on all 8 rows.

The next direction says to “knit to the end of the heel stitches, knitting each wrap together with the stitch it wraps.”

Question: Does this mean to knit the wrap and the stitch it wraps [U]together[/U] or to knit each wrap and also knit the stitch it wraps.

The reason I am questioning this is because there seems to be more stitches on one side than on the other when I knit “together” the stitch and the one that wraps it.

Mathematically, it would be closer to being centered if the each stitch was knit seperately.

Any help would be appreciated.


With a W&T on any sort of project you knit the wrap together with the stitch it’s wrapped around.

Thank you for your help. I will tink back and try again. LOL


I have followed suezeeq’s instructions about the W & T and followed the directions of the pattern and I still have a problem with how it is working up.

If anyone has ever knit this pattern, I would like to converse to see if I am misreading something or what. I have followed the pattern and turned the heel two times and it came out “uncentered” (if that is a word) both times.