Question re: Using yarn from a hank?

Hi all – I’ve been a lurker for awhile and gotten a TON of information from other people’s questions and answers, but I haven’t seen this question presented yet. I’ve been knitting for years, but just recently dove back in headfirst. I still have a Christmas project to get done before Christmas – a scarf for my MIL. At any rate, I purchased my first natural fiber to knit this scarf – actually it’s a combo of mohair, wool and nylon, so it’s not completely natural, but it is sold differently than any of the acrylic skeins that I have used up until this point. It’s wrapped in two loops, kind of, and I can see an end of the yarn, but I’m not really sure how to use it. Should I just grab the yarn end that I can see and go for it, or will I have a big mess on my hands if I do that?? Should I roll the yarn into a ball? …so confused! I’m using Plymouth Yarn – and I’ve tried to attach a picture of it so that you know what I’m talking about…

Thank you in advance for your help!

Roll it into a ball or you’ll have one large knot. Have someone hold it as you roll it, or try to put it on a chair back or something.

OR…take it back to the yarn store and ask them to wind it for ya! They usually offer that service for free…Im surprised they didnt offer! (Unless you bought it online, then do what Ingy said.)

do not do not do not try to wind that without putting that loop around a chair or someone’s hands (or i use to use the screen of my laptop a lot!) because the knot you get will be impossible to get out. the base of that yarn is so thin that the knots will be so tiny that you will end up having to cut them out or pull out your own hair!

nice color selection! :thumbsup:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I think that I will be challenged enough by this yarn and pattern that I don’t need to add a giant knot to the mix!