Question re. too many or too few stitches

[color=blue]Is there a rule of thumb regarding adding or decreasing stitches? For the life of me sometimes I end up with one extra stitch or one less stitch on a row. I have no idea how it happens, but I usually just add a stitch or stitch two together to make it right. Does this happen to you guys, too, and if so does this alter the pattern very much? Thanks. Glenda :?? [/color]

You may be accidentally “yarning over”. This matters, as you then may end up with holes in your work. But, if you are happy with the result, then no worries!

[color=blue]Thanks, but what exactly do you mean by “yarn over”? How would I be doing this and not realizing it? I’m such a perfectionist. I want to do it right!! LOL :wall: [/color]

a lot of times too, on that first stitch of the row, if your yarn is going over top of the left needle it can look like there are two stitches there …just need to make sure the yarn is pulling under. I have knitted two stitches together without any trouble but i would say that if you are using a really chucky yarn or a few yarns held together it could look a little funky trying to do that.

oooh…that’s right, Brenda!! That could be happening, too!

If you are holding your working yarn in the front of the work & then knitting, it would make a yarn over.

also, if you happen do be doing knit and purl stitches in the same row, it could be possible that you are forgetting to move the yarn in front each time you purl and the yarn to the back each time you knit… i always used to end up with increased stitches for this reason when i first learned to knit.


Yup…that’s exactly what I meant…Metalgirl put it MUCH better!