Question re: searching for Denises on Ebay

so if you were going to look on ebay for a denise set, what would you type in the search box? Someone I know (sigh) listed a set on Ebay and forgot to put a certain word in the title and it can’t be altered now and they’re feeling like a big moron… so just curious how you all would do your searches to see if I can make this “friend” feel better. :wall:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I was looking under “Denise Interchangeable” when I was looking for another set. :shrug:

The easiest way would probably be to search for “denise” under the knitting category. It’s unlikely that many other knitting products would have denise in the title. (Except listings for just the cords, but I don’t think there are too many of them.)

ETA: Of course, I might also put

interchang*able -boye

just in case a seller didn’t put denise in the title and/or happened to spell interchangeable without the “e” in the middle (seems somewhat common).

thanks both of you! the missing word from the title is actually “knitting” but it is in the correct category, so you’ve made my “friend” feel better! :wink:

I might even search on Denise needles… I think your friend will sell those needles, no problem!

Thanks Kelly! Great to see you, it’s been ages! :waving: Love the new avatar pic! :slight_smile:

HI Pele!! :hug: I should let you know that you made Marce VERY happy wtih that gift you sent! Its LOVERLY and thanks for sharing her with us up here in Chicago!

Talk about making happy with a present, OMG. I got her little care package today and almost piddled on my floor! I was already really excited to meet her, but now I have to SQUEEZE her too! :wink:

hrm I thought you could alter titles / contents of auctions after listing. Cancel the auction and re-list =D

Wait its missing knitting from the title? Don’t worry - if people want knitting needles they will search under needles or denise and it searches both item titles and descriptions.


YES! You DID get a nice present!! I SAW I BEFORE YOU DID!! :stuck_out_tongue: :happydance: :stuck_out_tongue: