Question re pattern instructions

Last night at work someone brought in (for help which they couldn’t get from me, sadly) a pattern for a cardigan sweater to be knit in the round? The pattern made a reference to 2 stitches before and after the join which were “cut” stitches and not to be included in the st count. I am guessing-.the key word- that these stitches may have something to do with where the front opening for the cardigan is created but we couldn’t find any subsequest reference to that. Please…can anyone enlighten me AND provide hwlp to a customer.



It sounds as if it is a sweater that will be made with steeks. This has to do with cutting the sweater, just as you said. If you google on the word steeks, you might find the info you need.

Hi Nancy,
I agree with Yvonne. A search for steeks might help you find pictures and more specific instructions. I don’t think this is technically a steek, but the technique is similar.

It sounds like you’ll be knitting two extra stitches for the center of the cardigan. When you’ve done the front, you actually run the sweater through a sewing machine (set on a small, straight stitch). I believe you’d sew in the middle of those two stitches (sewing two lines), and then cut the knitting right down the middle, between the two stitches. Then you pick up stitches on both sides, and knit a nice border.

I’ve never done this technique, because I like my sweaters to be unravel-able. But this is my understanding of it!

Happy knitting to you and your friend!
Amy :slight_smile: