Question - pleating for handbag

The pattern says: sl 3 sts onto dpn and hold in front of work (which I understand). But then it says: knit these 3 sts tog with the next 3 sts on needle (which I don’t understand!) Can someone help explain what I should be doing?

It sounds sort of like a 3-needle bind off, minus the binding off, of course. I think there’s a video for it on the site.

I believe they want you to put the three stitches to the front, then knit them together, one from the front needle and one from the back. Put your needle through the first loop on the front needle and throught the loop on the first stitch on the back needle and knit them together? Do that for the three, and that creates the pleat. That is what I would try anyway.

Thanks for responding! I tried the second method (from CarmenIbanez), and it looks like it should! Thanks so much - I was really frustrated being stuck, so I really appreciate the comments.

Let us know how it turns out, I’ve never seen finished pleats like that!