Question on yarn weight

Could someone tell me if a pattern states to use a “5-ply” yarn, is this the same as Bulky yarn? Why would you use bulky yarn with a size 6 needle for baby booties? This doesn’t make sense to me–I thought booties look better in 3-ply or 4-ply yarn. Just wondering.

Knitaholic :??

The number of plies doesn’t determine the weight of the yarn. You could have 5 very thin plies and have sport weight or 2 very thick plies and have bulky weight. It all depends on how thick each ply is.

Gauge is usually a better way to determine the weight of the yarn if you’re not familiar with it.

Thanks, the pattern states “use a 5-ply yarn wrapped around the ruler 19 times with a gauge of 7 sts to the inch. Also uses a 2.75mm needle”. I have worsted baby wt. yarn, and sport-wt. baby yarn. So, I wonder if the sport-wt would be okay?

Knitaholic :??

I found this chart. It looks like the wpi of the pattern makes it thinner than sport, but if you have it I’d say to use it. You might get a bigger end result, but for baby things, that might be ok.

Thanks for the link–I’ve put it in my “favorites”–I 'll use this when I start to make the baby booties. For some reason though, I cannot get a baby bootie pattern that I like, but thought I’d try the one I mentioned above. I really want a simple pattern knitted in the round–my seams don’t suit me when I knit booties flat.

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