question on wrap and turn my knitting stitches


Hi, not sure if I was doing this right but I have a pattern of a child’s poncho and it starts with 5 R garter st. and then the next Row we don’t knit but place 10 markers. Now going onto the next row we are doing a certain amount of Knit and certain amount of purl. ex: knit 13 Purl 8 wrap and turn. I am not sure if my wrap is going to be a knit or a purl and when I do that and say knit another 8 do I count that as one of the stitches. Hope this makes sense and thanks so much


Knit or purl the given number of sts. The next stitch isn’t knit or purl, it’s slipped to the right needle, wrapped and slipped back to the left needle. When you turn, the last stitch that you worked (either a knit or purl) is the first stitch to be worked on this row. That stitch is where you start counting for the next row, not the wrapped stitch.
Here’s an example


thanks so much for the reply. When I was going on youtube it was showing either slipping it knitwise or purlwise so thought that it would make a difference. This one from you is more clear. I was also confused on the counting part of it so thanks so much for the help!