Question on using yarn that was a swatch

after taking it out - it is all wavy… is it ok to use this yarn to start the project? It wasn’t a gauge swatch I wanted to keep and I wanted to make sure that I had enough yarn for the project.


I say yes… :shrug:

I don’t think the waves will carry over to your new project. But I think I’ve heard of people washing their yarn after frogging (for example, when people use sweaters and unravel them to make something new).

What are you making???/

I wet my frogged yarn if it’s really kinky. If I don’t, my tension gets all wonky. Usually just making a small hank, wetting it, and smoothing it out with my hands is enough, but if it’s recalcitrant, you can hang it with a small weight at the bottom to help pull out the kinks.

Thanks Andrea and Jane!