Question on The Scrunchable Scarf

Hello All and Happy Friday!

For the scrunchable scarf the pattern says to cast on in multiples of three with odd number of stitches then 2 more stitches for a selvage…What does that mean? Do Knit those two stitches at the beginning and end of each row? What happens to it at the end (as in selvage), do the get taken off at the end? Help - I’m having a brain freeze :??

You have the main part of the scarf as a multiple of 3, with one at each end to keep the edge neat. Slip the first stitch and knit the last on each row–it looks good.

Thanks! So on the pearl side I would slip pearl-wise, correct?

There’s really no ‘purl side’ for the scrunchable, since both sides are k,k,p. I slip purlwise on both sides.

Oops I misread the pattern. Thanks for your help!