Question on the kitty pie bed

I was wondering to make the kittie bed larger do you think you would just knit more rounds or cast on more stitches ? I made one but to get the needed firmness I needed to felt it two times and its not so big

Amy made a post some time ago with a “ratio” for felting. Yo may want to do a search on Amy’s posts & see if you can find that. :thumbsup:

I posted that site with the kitty beds… did you see the site with all the different kitties and beds? It’s so sweet. Wonder if it’s still in here… I’ll look.

I would think you would just cast on more and make it bigger. Yeah, got to be. What type of yarn did you use and what color?

I don’t know if Amy removed this link or they just disappear after time… but you might like to look at these kitties & beds. I love this site!