Question On Pingouin Pattern...Sweater

Hi All :woohoo: < My name is Trish and this is my first time posting anything :yay: . I would like to know if anyone knows what a border st is. In my Pingouin magazine it says sts used; 1 border Stitch, *p1, n1 by inserting needle in center of st below the next st to be knitted, * 1 border st. ,In my pattern I see no place for a m1 or inc from co to bo of armhole. from ribbing to 15 and 3/4 "'s it gives no inc count on the amount of sts. Could someone please help.
Thank You Very Much:muah:
Trish :knitting:

The border stitch is just the edge stitch; it might be knit in garter (k every row) or stockinette (k on RS, p on WS). Is n1' reallym1’ for an increase? Though by the description, it sounds like it’s knit into the stitch below, as in Fisherman’s rib -

SUZEEQ, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, I appreciate it. Will try it tonight. Thanks again, Trish