Question on pattern

Greetings:-P I’m hoping some kind soul can answer my question on a pattern. It’s a pattern from, called a Evian vest. I have completed the first 8 row pattern, then it says to repeat rows 1 through 8, 9 more times. My question is: the last row I knitted was a knit row, the one where it says knit across entire row picking up wrapped stitches. Now I’m starting repeat rows, which the first row is knit across, but the last row I knit was a knit row, so the stitches facing me before I begin the next row (which is a knit row) are purl sts. Does this sound right? Hope I made this understandable, and that someone can help me. Thanks so much in advance

Even though the sts facing you after row 8 are purl sts, you should knit the next row (row 1). It’s row one of the pattern and it’s what gives you the row of purl bumps on the right side every time you do the pattern repeat. The pattern looks correct for the picture.

Row 1 is a WS row which is knit to give you the purl ridge on the RS as shown in the picture.