Question on patter & stiches

This is the pattern I am attempting. This is my first time using perling also (sp?). I understand what it is saying, but when I try it, it doesn’t work. As I flip the needle to start another row, it leaves a protrusion so to speak. So it is suppose to stay indented for the perling, but I have indented, not indented (but is on opp. side) then indented. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I want to help but i’m not sure i understand. Your bricks should alternate between indented and not indented blocks and that’s what i think you’ve come up with. Can you explain it in a different way? The fabric won’t come out flush it should have indented pieces. Try explaining it again and maybe we’ll figure it out.

There are not blocks… So I’ll try symbols… - equals not indented and _ equals indented…

so it is —----------
then --------
then —

On the oppsite side it shows up like


It should show up more like

I am doing what the pattern says, by the even rows this and the odd rows that… But the indent shows up on the oppsite side then I need it to. Does that help? So it should be a row of indented then another below that is indented to create the box. Mine does indtend not indented then indented. The indented side I am trying for does show up on the oppsite side. I could just be perling wrong…

What your pattern is telling you to do is, aside from the 3 knit stitches on each side (which creates your garter stitch border), you are purling into the back side of the knit stitches and knitting into the back side of the purl stitches which will create the bricks of stockinette - some with knit side(smooth) face up and some with the purl side(bumpy) face up.

Remember, the 3 stitches on each side are always [B]knit[/B], never purled.

If you want to make sure you purling correctly, check out Amy’s purling video - click on the Basic Technique tab.

Hope this helps and that I haven’t confused you!

I did double check my perl and it was correct. I understand the pattern… Maybe I’ll try again and then post pictures. Something isn’t going right… Thanks…

How much do you have done? Sometimes it takes a few inches for the pattern to show up correctly. And in this pattern, you knit for 2-3" in what will look like ribbing, then you switch the stitch sequence and it will begin to look like the scarf.

The pattern is correct. :think:

The back of a purl stitch is a knit and the back of a knit stitch is a purl. The two sides of the scarf will not look the same. The front will be opposite of the back.

Is that the problem?

I understand this all… Really I do… Just when I do it, since I have to flip the needle to start on the next side, the perl ends up on the wrong side. So it is perl, then knit… But once I flip it… The knit side of the perl shows up where it should still be a perl… I’ll just keep trying…thanks

But once I flip it… The knit side of the perl shows up where it should still be a perl
That’s correct…the knit side of the purl will be showing itself to you when the work is turned - into those stitches you will be knitting. Likewise for the knit stitches - they will be showing their purl side which you will be purling into.

How much of this have you knit?

So I figured out what I was doing wrong. I had another post about using different size needles and it was suggested that I add more stictches to make it wider. I did this, but then finally realized that my pattern had to finish with what I started. So k3 k5 p5 k5 p5 k5 k3 I was doing k3 k5 p5 k5 p5 k3… That was what was messing it all up. So now I am off and it is looking great! Thanks for everyone helping me!!