Question on Noro Basketweave jacket pattern

HI: I am trying to understand the directions for knitting the basketweave pattern in the Noro, Vol. 20 book. Instructions say:Row 1: (RSF) P2, turn, K2, turn, P3 turn, K3 turn, etcetcetc…
My question: TURN WHAT??? Do I knit back over what I’ve just purled? (doesnt make sense to me)…or…???
Anyone know how t’do this one???
thanks, -sandy

Yes, you’re doing `short rows’. Keep going, it will all make sense.


Thank you for answering my question, BUT Im left w/another: …But I’ve just cast on 219 sts…and now am knitting 2, purling back over the 2 knit, then knitting back over the purled sts??? Am I making short rows … I dont even know how to ask the question…am I making short rows even tho there are still over 200 sts still sitting on the other needle? Should I just keep going and ask no more?

It’s okay to peek ahead in the pattern… It sounds like you’re adding one more stitch each time you turn so it might be an entrelac pattern. Take a look at the Monthly Knitalong for March thread. There’s pictures of works in progress there that will show you how they turn out, and some links to tutorials with pictures too. Just follow the pattern and everything should turn out alright.


I didnt know it was called Entrelac!!! I tried it once a long time ago and gave up. This time, I will NOT quit—especially after reading the March pattern discussion thread–almost all of it—up to your Photo journal of entrelac which helped make everything make sense (I think?!)(which I shouldnt do when doing entrelac, right?!)…I’ll go give it a try right now! Thanks again Suzeeq!!! -sandy

That’s what we’re all here for - answer questions and nudge you in the right direction.