Question on mitten pattern

I am making these mitts and ran into a problem. I checked the ravelry pages where others have made these and nobody listed a typo or anything in the pattern so I must have done something wrong. I’m up to the instructions where it says “Knit 7 rounds plain.” and I did that. It then says to do 4 rounds of K2 P2 ribbing (the top ribbing), which was the same ribbing as was done on the cuffs, except I had 32 stitches to start and I only have 30 now after the 12 stitch BO for the thumb. Now the K2 P2 ribbing doesn’t work out. I need two more (or two less) stitches for the ribbing to work. Shouldn’t there be 32 instead of 30 sts? Can/should I add them somewhere so I can do the ribbing, or will I be visiting the frog pond? Waaaah, I don’t wanna go to the frog pond. :frog: Help is mucho appreciated. :muah:

I’m thinking you prolly should have 32 sts (prolly happened during the increases for the thumb)…I would prolly just increase 2 sts like Knit 15 sts do a M1 then knit 15 more and M1…I don’t think anyone will be able to tell with just 2sts :happydance:

What she said, only I’d try them on if they’re for you. If 32 stitches will give you that snug but not tight feel, increase. If 28 would do better, depending on the shape of your hand, that’ll do too. I’ve got honkin’ big knuckles and skinny fingers, so depending on where they hit on my hand it might be 28 for me.

Thank you for that pattern–I make fingerless mitts a lot but like the thumb on those a whole lot better.

Thanks you guys! I will try it tonight. I would say I need to increase the 2 sts rather than decrease. This is the first mitt so I hope I make the same mistake on the next one. Then they’ll both look the same, lol.