Question on Knitty's Ayla pattern

Has anybody knit this? I thought I saw on here that the designer belongs to KH, but cant’ remember. Anyway, I’ve got everything knit and Im ready to attach the base and then I can felt it. But Im not sure how to go about this. The base of the bag seems so much smaller than the bag itself and Im stumped on how to attach this.

I don’t think Jordana Paige is a member of KH…but wouldn’t it be cool if she was!!!

I haven’t knit this, but it looks like the top of the bag is supposed to be kind of slouchy, so maybeit’s bigger on purpose? Is it so big that it doesn’t fit at ALL?? you join them by a kind of 3NBO technique, right?

I have more questions than answers! :doh:

yeah you might want to go to and maybe ask in her blog? She would probably be the best one to tell you if something was wonky or what the trick was.

I bet the designer is a Clan of the Cave Bear fan. :teehee: