Question on knitting LARGE blnkt/thrw

Ok so i have what seems to me like a really stupid question but i’ll ask anyways. How can/do you a knit a “REALLY LARGE” blanket/throw when neddles whether straight or circular are only so long. I’ve only made blankets for babies and i use circular neddles…But recently i’ve been wanting to make a blanket/throw of a fairly large size but don’t know how. I’m talking BIG…like the size of a queen/king bed. This would be literally my first BIG project. Thanks

Well, there are reeeeally long circular needles available. I have one that’s 60", it’s huge and you could squeeze a lot of stitches on there. If you’re working with a pattern, it should tell what kind/size of needles are recommended and if not you’ll just have to use the longest circ you can find. OR you can work the blanket in panels that get seamed together at the end.

Straight needles are a poor choice for really big projects because – exactly as you point out – the number of stitches they hold is limited.

Long circulars are a better choice: they come in lengths up to about 48", and can get even longer if you combine the cables in an interchangeable needle set like the Denise. A good-sized circular can hold hundreds of stitches, depending on the weight of the yarn.

Question is, do you really want all that weight hanging from your arms and sitting on your lap when the one-piece blanket gets to be twin size or larger?
Sounds exhausting and awkward to me.

Best bet might be to make your blanket in modules – squares, strips or log-cabin style? (Mason-Dixon Knitting has a wonderful chapter on log-cabin blankets.)

I aslso think that a knitted blanket for a queen or king size bed could weigh a ton and cost a fortune to make. Not to mention how long it would take to knit. How about thinking in terms of a coverlet, afghan or throw that just covers the top of the bed? You get the look without the weight, expense and many months of knitting.

Hmm, Addi Turbos are expensive, but Susan Bates makes Silverado needles (nickel plate like Addis, but half the price.) They come in all lengths. Up to 60".