Question on Juniper Bonnet

Has anyone done Larissa Browns Juniper bonnet

My question is at the end after finishing the 10 repeats -
Row 1 tells you to k8 , K2tog across
Row 2 and all even rows K
Row 3 K7, K2tog across and on …

well if you do that down to the last 12 stitches you will end up with one side slanting and one not, is this how it is supposed to be?

I am thinking I should alternate the K2tog to be at the end of row 1 the beginning of row 3 the end of 5 the beginning of 7 and on … to 12 stitches remaining.

Thanks for helping, I am confused.

:think: I see what you are saying…but I wonder if they want it that way cause of the way you will fold it and seam it? I looked around a bit and it seems no one else has changed the way they do the decreases…I think I would just trust the pattern on this one…it’s a very cute hat…:thumbsup:

that’s me over analyzing again :slight_smile: I shall put trust in my fingers and go for it tomorrow morning.

My take is that the decreases are all the way across the bonnet.

(K8, k2tog) is repeated all the way across the hat.