Question on instructions

Hi, I have been knitting off and on for awhile, but just easy patterns. I seen this cap instructions on youtube with a link to download the pattern. It looked like something I would to try next that wasn’t just a ribbed pattern like the hats I have knitted so far. Plus I could give it to my new Grandaughter.
But one part of the instructions I don’t understand.
In the instructions below, I understand all but the “rep btwn”.
I think the rep = repeat, but the “btwn”, I am not sure what that means unless it’s between, then I am not sure what you do on this round.
I looked in the abbreviations on here, but I didn’t see it listed.
I did a search and the results were about between.

P2, k3. On this and every round rep btwn * to end.
Continue in rib pat next four rounds.

I tried to post the link to the pattern, but this is my first post, so it wouldn’t let me.

Thank you

Hi, and welcome to Knitting Help. You’re so close… you repeat the stitches between the * * as many times as it takes to reach the end. Basically you can think in terms of a P2, k3 rib for 4 rounds. HTH

Congratulations on the new granddaughter!

Thank you GG, after reading your reply, it make perfect sense. Repeat between the astriks.
Whew, now I don’t have to take out the rows I have completed.

Thanks again

Good. I’m glad it worked out. Frogging is often necessary but best avoided when possible. Enjoy knitting the hat for the new baby. You’ve 2 posts now, maybe you’d post a link so we can see what you’re doing.

Welcome to Knitting Help and congratulations on your new granddaughter!

Glad to hear you’re on the right track. Let us know how your hat turns out. Simple it may be, but I bet it’s cute, and on the head of a baby (especially a granddaughter), it’s going to be even cuter!

This is the link to the cap.

I wanted to try this cap because it looked a bit like it has cables without doing the cables.
With my next pattern I want to try cables, from the videos I have watched on how to do cables, I think I can do them. So I will try a hat or scarf with cables in the pattern.


That’s adorable and will look even cuter on the baby. Do try cables on the next project. They’re not hard to do and lots of fun.

That hat is TOO cute! Makes me want to make one for the crises pregnancy center I’ve been donating to. Thanks for linking to the pattern.

I was intimidated by cables before I tried them too, but honestly they’re no harder than ribbing except on the row where you actually do the twist, and even that’s not as scary as you’d think. I haven’t tried them in a hat yet, but that’s probably Coming Soon to a Circular Needle Near You… or near me anyway.

Cables aren’t hard, but I found them too fiddley - interruputs my ‘zen’ flow of knitting… teehee. I collect ‘faux cable’ patterns like this one; it’s similar to theDean Street hat pattern.

I pretty sure I will be able to do the cables from the video’s I have watched. I am also knitting a scarf that has lace type knitting in it. I really like doing that, as the different stitches you do on the even rows keeps it interesting and alert. Even tho I have lost a stitch a couple of times and have no idea how, or could not find which one I lost to try to fix it. Thank goodness I read about life lines, they saved me twice from starting over on this scarf. :thumbsup:

That hat’s adorable and you most likely won’t run into any problems but don’t let that keep you away from the forum. I did some cables to prove to myself I could but I’ve not made anything with them. It’s the counting rows part that I see being problematic but I think I have the stuff to do row markers now so I guess I might run out of excuses. I think I should get the pattern Sue linked to and try it.