Question on increasing stitches

I am working on a slouch hat. I have 88 stitches and instructions
say to increase 24 stitches evenly to increase to 112. I do not know when i should add these stitches . I would appreciate any explaination.
I am just finding these instructions confusing.

do you have a link to the pattern - on or another website?

the pattern should say when to increase, but may take a little poking around to find it.

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no unfortunatly pattern just says increase 24 stitches evenly for total of 112 -I am starting with 88

The instructions want you to increase approximately evenly around the hat. Just don’t bunch all the increases on one side or the other.
If you divide the 88 sts by 24 you get 3.67 so you could increase every 3 or 4 sts by doing a M1.