Question on increasing and decreasing

Is there an increase and a decrease that makes a gentle slope? I’m trying to knit something that’s straight and then curves out like I’ve tried to demonstrate below.
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Any help would be great! :slight_smile:

Typically increases and decreases lean left or right. The centered double decrease is vertical. How many rows separate them determines the degree they slant. If you look in the increases section of the Free Videos top of the page you can get a better idea of what a lot of the increases look like. Other than that I’m not sure what to say, I may not even understand what you’re trying to find out.

Thank you! I know my question doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I think what you said about number of rows between increases might be the answer. Again, thank you.

Hey, if what I wrote helps, that’s great! What I was thinking about was the little sweater I’m currently working on. The raglan increases were every other row making a about a 45 deg. angle with the cast on edge on the left and it’s complement on the right as I look at the back. The neckline increases were every 4th row and make a different angle but right now I can’t think how to describe it in relation to the others. lol Decreases would work the opposite way, narrowing not widening, but give a similar line.

I’m really curious, what are you working on? We might find a pattern with something in it that would help you out.

I’m trying to knit a bow tie. I wanted to do it without a pattern and so was just looking at this picture to figure out what shape it’s supposed to be.

The knitting itself looks pretty straightforward, you’d just have to experiment a bit with the increases and decreases. Definitely doable. If you’re doing colorwork to match the photo, that’s way out of my league! This actually looks like a fun project if you don’t have a deadline to meet.

just wanted to add, on ravelry, there are different patterns showcased, if you spell it ‘bowtie’ as one word vs ‘bow tie’ as two words. when i looked up free/knitting/picture and either-or of the search terms, it came up with dozens of possibilities, so maybe take a look at some of those and get some basic/average measurements?

“bowtie” one word:

“bow tie” 2 words: