Question on Increase

I have this instruction in a beret pattern:

K1, M1knit-wise, K1, P1, M1 purl-wise, P1 At the end of this round you should have 72 stitches.

I know this is stupid, but remember, it’s me… Since she suggests this increase could I still use a bar increase since I like the look better and I honestly think it would compliment the beret better than what she is suggesting… Or, will it make too huge of a difference? I’m swatching on some remnant yarn right now and can’t see a real difference.

I personally love the increase suggested (KLL), but there aren’t any knitting police so you can use whatever [U]you[/U] like best. Just remember that KFB (bar increase) does leave that telltale bar so if you’re okay with that then go for it.

By bar increase, do you mean kfb/pfb? If so you’ll have to do it in the knit or purl st, not k1, kfb or p1 pfb.

I did it with the bar increase. I’ll post a pic after I’m done with it. The yarn is so bulky, that I don’t think it will even be discernible after it’s washed. I’m going to try her KLL on the next one I do for the charity basket, just to see the difference in the yarn.